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Same prompt as before...

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Aneesh Guda
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mrvital at May 14, 2018 at 11:09 AM

Same prompt as before...

1.Gaza violence: Israel defends actions as 55 Palestinians killed


3.Did not Specify

4.The article is about the violence happening in the israel Gaza area. In the article, It said in a recent attack by the Israeli Military killed 55 Palestinians and 2700 were wounded. Many Palestinians have held riots. In them they threw rocks and attacked the Israeli soldiers. Israel said that they were defending their borders. The tensions in the area continue to rise. 

5.A lesson that you can take away from the article is that violence is never the answer. Because the Palestinians attacked the soldiers, they were attacked back. There are other ways to make a difference than violence.

6.The most important line in this article is "However, Monday's protests - and more planned for Tuesday - are the culmination, as they mark the anniversary of Israel's creation in 1948 and what Palestinians term the Nakba or Catastrophe, referring to the hundreds of thousands of their people who subsequently fled their homes or were displaced in the war that followed." It is important because it gives backround to the person reading it.


Aneesh Guda 8)

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Casey m
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Name of the article:The tragic lives of India's mistreated captive elephants

Name of the site/magazine: BBC news

Author: Soutik Biswas

What is the article about? (minimum of 3 facts) For more than a month, Rajeshwari, a 42-year-old temple elephant in India, lay diconnetcted with the world on a patch of sand, her forelimb and femur broken and her body ravaged by sores. In 20004, she fell from an open truck on the way to a "rejuvenation" camp for captive elephants and broke her leg. Rajeshwari's tragic story mirrors the sorry state of many of 4,000 captive elephants in India, mostly in the states of Assam, Kerala, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu.

What lessons can we take away from the article? Animals should be treated just the way humans are treated.

What one sentence from the article is most important? Why? Rajeshwari had led a hard life since she was sold to the temple in the southern state of Tamil Nadu in 1990. How she lived such a long life and survived for 52 years.




Casey aka best lacrosse player

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title: Caged tiger is entertainment for Florida students. Website: BBC Author: Victoria Park - "Christopher Columbus High School in Miami hosted its jungle themed prom at a Hilton hotel on Friday. Concerns for the tiger's welfare have been growing on social media, with thousands of people taking to Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit." -"Ms Castellanos expressed her concern for the welfare of the tiger in her facebook post.'how shameful for Christopher Columbus High School showing it's students on prom night who is the king of the jungle. This poor tiger was used as an exotic amusement for the mindless teenagers who were present,' said Ms Castellanos -"More than 1,000 people have posted on Twitter about the event, most voicing concern over the welfare of the tiger. However, some people have expressed support for the school, the prom and its organizers." One lesson we can learn from this is not to use animals for human entertainment. Animals have feelings too and probably wouldn't like being in a cage at a prom. the most important sentence is "More than 1000 people have posted on Twitter about the event, the most voicing concern over the welfare of the tiger." This is important because people have recognized that using the tiger at the prom was wrong and they are expressing their feelings for the tiger
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Braden De Zutter
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Zombie Ant Parasite Controls Its Victims Like A Puppeteer.

Sowmya Kolluru

There is a parasite that can turn an ant into a zombie with no control over its actions. These parasites are found in Brazil and Thailand. When the insect dies a long stick like structure comes out of its head then returning spores to the earth to repeat the cycle. 

That you must be careful around wildlife because the animals could look pretty but be very very dangerous.

These parasites can be found in Brazil and Thailand because it tells you where you must be looking for those parasites.


Braden Dezutter

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Title of article; Sichuan Airlines co-pilot sucked halfway out of cockpit window

Source: CNN

Author: Bard Wilkinson and Serenitie Wang

FACTS: A) The co-pilot of a Sichuan Airlines Airlines airplane was sucked halfway out of the cockpit when the window shattered at a height of 10,000 ft. Luckily, the co-pilot was wearing his seatbelt, which may have just saved the co-pilot's life. B) The co-pilot and one of the flight attendants were injured, but luckily none of the 119 passengers on the flight were injured. C)This occured while the flight attendants were serving the food, the people were shocked but the co-pilot remained calm

What lesson can we take away from this? I know that this may sound odd, but one lesson we can take away is WEAR A SEATBELT! The co-pilot was wearing a seatbelt, and that seatbelt may have just saved his life.

What sentence was the most important? The first one because it tells you what the rest of the article is about


Valentina Lara :D 

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Alex Todd
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title : woman climbs tree to escape coyotes at reservation source : Author: WHDH-TV about the article: a. the woman was hiking b. she was with her Labrador c. this happened last Sunday what lesson can we take away from this: to be aware of her surroundings what sentence is most important: " she shouted down to the bystanders to avoid the animals." because she made sure no one else got hert/frightened
Alex Todd ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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#PrincessAmanda :]
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mrvital at May 14, 2018 at 11:09 AM

Same prompt as before...

Name of the article: Sichuan Airlines co-pilot sucked halfway out of cockpit window

Name of the site/magazine: Cnn

Author: Bard Wilkinson and Serenitie Wang

What is the article about? (minimum of 3 facts) 

Sichuan Airlines co-pilot sucked halfway out of cockpit window but if he wasn't wearing his seatbaelt, he probably wouldn't have survived. None of the passengers were injured

Captain Liu Chuanjian and his crew were praised for making an emergency landing after the incident-

There was no sigh before the windshield bursted

What lessons can we take away from the article? That airplanes should have muliple inspections before and during the flight to keep this from happening again

What one sentence from the article is most important? Why? The co-pilot almost got sucked out of the cockpit but kept calm because it is amazing how a person almost fell out of an airplane but kept calmed the whole time


Amanda Champagne

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CNN 10

Cnn news 

Hosted by Carl Azuz

  •  In Gaza, an area near Isreal, protests have been going on for days. Today smaller less violent ones were given.
  • Citizens say that the US and Israel are responsible for many of the lives lost in Gaza. Both are being accused of launching terrorist attacks on the small land. 
  • But this land has been facing ssues with the US for many years now. Many came to Gaza after World War 2, fighting for land. 
  • This issue presses on wand so do protests, but Isreal says the Palestinians are responisible for atacks around the border. 

One lesson we can take away from this article is that the world has been fighting over land for centuries but it never stops. War is ongoing, never stopping. This area is so small yet more and more counries are being dragged into it. 

This issue is important to know about because we all need to know what our country is getting involved in. 

The most important sentence was probably: "The Palestinian government says that U.S and Isreal are responisble for deaths of  dozens of Palestinians." This proves that acusations can be made at anyone, even though the US may not be involved we are being dragged into this issue.

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Sonia M ~

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Name of the article: Tom Wolfe, Author of ‘The Right Stuff’ and ‘Bonfire of the Vanities,’ Dies

Name of the site/magazine: NYTimes


Author: Deirdre Carmody and William Grimes

What is the article about? (minimum of 3 facts) Tom Wolfe was 88 years old when he died of infection in a hospital. He wrote at least 5 books. Wolfe wrote in "The Painted Word" something demoting contemporary art as a bad and not needed job. The art world rejected his idea and the pictures he took for it. He was born on March 2, 1930, in Richmond, Virginia, and died Monday, May 14, 2018.

What lessons can we take away from the article? Be creative and try your hardest to reach no limits for your creativity and you will be remembered and have many successes in life.


What one sentence from the article is most important? Why? There's not a particular sentence because it was an overall article and not exactly able for a direct fact because then the news of his death would be one sentence and nothig else. If anything, the fact that he died is most important because that is what the article has a motivation to address.


Sonia M ~

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Nikhil Knight
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1.Meet SoFi The Robotic Fish "Spy"


3.Diane Christiansen

4a.SoFi was made to see the damage of climate change and overfishing in oceans.

4b. Another thing is SoFi solves many of the issues that have stopped the usefulness of previous robots.

4c.SoFi was made by  MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory or CSAIL.

4d.Sofi stands for The Soft Robotic Fish.

5.We can take away overfishing and climate change is bad for the oceans.

6.I think the most important sentence is " “For us, this fish is magical," says Rus. "We imagine someday it might help us uncover more mysteries from the amazing underwater world that we know so little about.", I think this is the most important sentence becasue it tells us (the reader) what amazig things SoFi can help discover. 

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1. Brazilian Surfer Sets New World Record With 80-Foot Wave Ride in Portugal

2. Dogo News

3. Meera Dolasia


  • Rodrigo Koxa a Brazilian surfer flawlessly rode an 80+ foot wave in Nazare, Portugal on November 8, 2017
  • beating this record made Rodrigo get $25,000 cash prize and is awarded annually to the surfer who gets the highest
  • Over a course of 13 years, the highest wave ever surfed has gone up by 10 ft and it took Rodrigo Koxa 7 years to outdo the last world record
5. Lessons we can take away from this is that if you have a dream never stop trying until you make your dream(s) come true.

6."Now, I’m just so happy and this is the best day of my life. Thank you to WSL, it’s a dream come true." this is important because it is after he kept trying and he didn't give up and in the end he got it.
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Dylan hunt
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1.Trumps Korea hopes thrown into turmoil

2. CNN

3.Stepphan Collinson

4. Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un have a summit planned but Kim is not making it feel conftorable.Kim is mad at the US and South Korea beacuse they had military training together.Noth Korea does not want the US and South Korea having military drills beacuse he thinks they might atttack him.

5.One lesson we can take away from this is never get to comfterable because anything can happen

6. I think this line is important, "The warning delivered a jolt of reality, underscoring that despite weeks of positive steps by North Korea and Trump's gusher of praise for Kim, the process of negotiating with the inscrutable state remains as treacherous as ever." This shows that you need to keep your friends close but enimes closer.


dylan hunt

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Andrew The Meme Lord
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North Korea summit: US hopeful Trump-Kim meet will go ahead

3.does not state

4.a spoke person said a bad thing (well basically a lie and North Korea got mad and very upset)and then people are saying if they don't know if the meeting between them will still go one because of this and also because of this they are not sure if the meeting planed between them will happen

5.dont lie about what will happen in the future or suffer the consequences

6. "So to hear the Trump administration claiming credit for a deal they don't like has been a step too far. " because it shows how much the trump administration lies and it's not good and they should stop being brats.



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Name of the article: Replica Elephant Bird Egg At Buffalo Museum Turns Out To Be The Real Deal

Name of the website: Dogo News

Author: Diane Christiansen

What is the article about? it is about a elephant bird egg that the museum thought was just a replica but it was real

What lessons can we take away from the article? Don't judge things by the way they look because they aren't always what you think.

What one sentence from the article is most important? Why? The first sentence because it tells you about a summary of the article.


Jacquelyn Hartman

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Brady Spitzer
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mrvital at May 14, 2018 at 11:09 AM

Same prompt as before...

  1. Apple eyeing North Carolina's Research Triangle for new campus
  3. Stephen Silver
  4. According to The Triangle Business Journal, the Reaserch Triangle area in central  Carolina is a large contender for Apple's campus. The deal for Apple to buy the area is not coming soon, but there is a high probability for the deal to be made. It is hard to tell if Apple wants to use the space as a new headquarters or another facility
  5. Apple is expanding it's boundaries and rising as a company.
  6. "According to The Triangle Business Journal, as cited by CNBC, the Research Triangle area in central North Carolina —which consists of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill —is a leading contender for Apple's new campus," I think this is the most important sentence because it explains what the article is about.
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Name of the article: Astronomers have found the fastest growing black hole ever seen, and it's got a monster appetite Name of the site/magazine:CNN Author: Harmeet Kaur What is the article about? (minimum of 3 facts) -It is so large and fast, that can devour a whole sun every 2 days -It would take at least 12 billion years to see the light of the lack hole from earth -The size of the black hole is about 20 billion suns What lessons can we take away from the article? We can take away from this article that there is a lot more to the whole entire galaxy to discover and there can still be a lot more out there. What one sentence from the article is most important? Why? "Wolf said it's likely that there are more of these massive black holes in the universe. In fact, this finding already shows that astronomers have overlooked bright and distant quasars hiding in plain sight. But the more they discover, the more questions they seem to come across." Because it shows that there can be more dangerous things out there that we may not know of yet.
Raissa Santana
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Nathaniel Jarrett
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Name of article: Woman climbs tree to get away frow coyotes

Name of Websight is:

Auther: WCVB newscenter 5

This article is about:

1. The woman who had to climb a tree to get away from coyotes

2. The coyotes who maneged to get away before the fire department came

3. The hikers who have to bewere of the louse coyotes.

This article shows the quick thinking of the lady who escaped the coyotes.

The most important line is

“It’s possible that this pack was still out from the night before and this woman came across them on her morning walk,” Rossetti said.

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mrvital at May 14, 2018 at 11:09 AM

Same prompt as before...

Name of the article: Astronomers have found the fastest-growing black hole ever seen, and it's got a monster appetite

Name of the site/magazine: Cnn

Author: Harmeet Kaur

What is the article about? A giant black hole. It can eat the sun in 2 days. it is known as a  quasar (quasar= suppermasive).

What lessons can we take away from the article? That we still don't know it all about our universe.

What one sentence from the article is most important? Why? Astronomers have found the fastest-growing black hole ever seen in the universe. Because it sums it all up.



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