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Same prompt as before.


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Reagan Dion Name of site: CNN Title: University of Florida grads who were rushed offstage get an official apology -"As the students were called up to receive their diplomas, some decided to perform a quick celebratory dance. But a faculty member didn't find the performances to his liking., and forcibly rushed the graduates offstage" -"Several people took to social media to post incidents, saying the man's actions were unfair and unnecessary. the videos quickly sparked outrage, with some who watched them accusing the university of racism." -"Other students who were in attendance asked the university to take action towards the usher. 'somebody please find out this employee's name! Every time a black student took more than TWO seconds, he aggressively pushed them off!' someone tweeted." One lesson we can learn from this is to let all graduates of all skin colors enjoy the graduation and celebrate. The most important sentence from the article is "'During one of the weekends commencements ceremonies, we were inappropriately aggressive in rushing students across the stage. I personally apologize' said Fuchs" This is important because it's good to know that the president of the University of Florida is concerned about this issue and it's good to know that someone is apologizing because racism is wrong.
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Alex Todd
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name of site: Tittle: state trooper corrals dog on highway with home made deer jerky Author : Dialynn Dwyer what the article about: A: several reported a dog on the road. B:When the police got there he saw a lot of people trying to catch the dog and failed C: It happened today in the morning. What lessons can we take away from the article: look out side and see what you can do to help get it done What sentence is most important? Why: " ' always great making friends" because true
Alex Todd ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Aneesh Guda
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1.Ebola outbreak declared in emocratic republic Of The Congo


3.Susan Scutti

4.It is about an ebola outbreak declared in the DRC. 17 people have died of it so far. The disease could spread to other countries. It is spreading fast.

5.You can take away that there is always a threat of life threatening diseases in the world.

6. My favorite line is "Hoping to stop the spread of Ebola to surrounding provinces and countries, the WHO also released $1 million from a contingency fund to support its activities for the next three months."


Aneesh Guda 8)

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Braden De Zutter
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Homework And Tests Stressing You Out? Consider Moving To Sweden!

Diane Christiansen

In Sweden, there will be no after-school work or tests during April. It's a way to relieve stress. Kids should spend at least half their time to do activities rather than homework all the time. 

It happened  May 2nd.

Sometimes a bit of change is good plus the school should do what the students feel is best for themselves.


Braden Dezutter

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Andrew The Meme Lord
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1. North Korea frees three US detainees ahead of Trump summit

3. The website does not say

4. the article is about these three men and how they were detained for a few years and are now coming home to America were trump will personally greet them when they land 

Kim Hak-song 

Tony Kim, also known as Kim Sang-Duk

Kim Dong-Chul

5.don't  screw with North Korea and the government (Unless your trump)(then please continue it's hilarious)

6." One of the detainees was jailed in 2015, the other two have been in prison for just over a year. Their convictions have been widely condemned as political and an abuse of human rights."  because it just shows why you don't want to cross North Korea and not only that they don't joke around with this type of stuff 



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Casey m
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Name of the article:

Name of the site/magazine:


What is the article about? (minimum of 3 facts)

What lessons can we take away from the article? 

What one sentence from the article is most important? Why?

California becomes first  Us state to require solar panels on homes.

BBC news.

My article is about solar energy. The California Energy Commission unanimously approved the plan, making it the states next big step towards ending greenhouse gas emissions. Solar energy is one of leading creators of new jobs in the US. This is another examplee of California leading the way in the US.

How solar panels can help the environment and improve it.

Solar Panels are saving money and helping living things survive




Casey aka best lacrosse player

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Name of the article: A Simple Way to Improve a Billion Lives: Eyeglasses

Name of the site/magazine:

Author: Andrew Jacobs

What is the article about? (minimum of 3 facts) Shivam Kumar's failing eyesight brought the attention to some people who had a simple answer: He needed glasses. Some scientists say about 2.5 million people need glasses but cant afford them. “Many of these kids are classified as poor learners or just dumb and therefore don’t progress at school,” said Kovin Naidoo, in response to kids who needed glasses to excel in school. Some people have never seen someone wear glasses.

What lessons can we take away from the article? Be grateful for what you have, for some people cannot afford something as "simple"--as some people would see it-- glasses.

What one sentence from the article is most important? Why? "Then there are the tens of millions of children like Shivam across the world whose families cannot afford an eye exam or the prescription eyeglasses that would help them excel in school" because more people need to pay attention to countries in poverty especially if people with a lot of money just ignore those in need.


Sonia M ~

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Name of the article: Brazilian Surfer Sets New Record With 80-Foot Wave Ride In Portugal

Name of the site: Dogo News

Author:Meera Dolasia

What is the article about? It is about a surfer riding the niggest wave and setting a world record

What lessons can we take away from the article? if you elieve you can do something then you can if you try

What one sentence from the article is most important? Why?

What makes the achievement even more remarkable is that in 2014, Koxa nearly lost his life while attempting to ride a big wave in Portugal. it shows that he has attempted it multiple times

  -Jacquelyn Hartman

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Nikhil Knight
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Zombie Ant Parasite Controls Its Victims Like A Puppeteer


Sowmya Kolluru

It is about a parasite that can transform ants into mindless zombies to do its work.

Another thing is the Parasite is named the Ophiocordyceps unilateralis.

The Ant that gets controlled the parasite will make it sit under a branch as the parasite reproduces.

We can take away the lesson not everything is as it seems.

One important sentence is Almost like a puppeteer pulls the strings to make a marionette move, the fungus controls the ant's muscles to manipulate the host's legs and mandibles.

The mandibles are the jaw

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Dylan hunt
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Name of article: Pizza Hut's Pie Tops

Source: Dogo news

Author: Hannah Shariff

What is the article about: This article is about pizza huts shoes. These shoes can order pizza from the shoe itself. They only sold 50 to the public which makes them a collectors item.

What is a lesson we learned: The lesson that I learned is that it is hard not to be lazy

What is a important sentence: One important sentence is "To activate the pizza-ordering function, wearers downloaded a special app on their smartphone and connected to the hand-stitched shoes via Bluetooth." This sentence is important beacuse without it you would not know how to use the Pie Tops.


dylan hunt

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#PrincessAmanda :]
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mrvital at May 9, 2018 at 3:18 PM

Same prompt as before.


Name of the article: Origanal Iron Man Suit Goes Missing

Name of the site/magazine:

Author: Sandra Gonzalez

What is the article about? (minimum of 3 facts)

Detectives from LAPD's Foothill division are leading the investigation into the burglary, which took place on the the 13200-block of Weidner Street in Pacoima, a neighborhood in Los Angeles.-Cnn

The suit is valued at $325,000.

The suit worn by Robert Downey Jr.'s superhero character has evolved since the first film.-Cnn

What lessons can we take away from the article? That it is not ok to rob

What one sentence from the article is most important? Why?

"Someone call the Avengers, there's been a theft." because it is the hook sentence that makes you want ot keep reading.

-Manda Champagne

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1.Israel strickes Iranian targets in Syria in response to rocket fire


3 couldn't find 


  • The strikes came after the 20 rockets have been fired at Israeli military positions
  • The IDF (Israel Defence Forces) said that 20 rockets have been launched at its posts there by the Quds force.
  • Col Conricus said fighter jets struck 70 targets belonging to Iran inside Syria, causing significant damage to many different headquarters and buildings.
5. lessons we can take away from this is the world is a crazy place.

6."Israel says it has struck almost all of Iran's military infrastructure inside Syria in its biggest assault since the start of the civil war there," this is important because it shows how big this attack was.
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Brady Spitzer
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mrvital at May 9, 2018 at 3:18 PM

Same prompt as before.


  1. Why are Tourists in Utah Throwing Dino Footprints into a Lake?
  3. Becky Little
  4. Tourists in Red Fleet State Park are destroying preserved dino footprints according to the park officials. The dino footprints are encased in sandstone. The visitors who throw the fossils into the lake could pottentially be charged for a felony.
  5. Don't throw dino footprints into a lake or you could get fined.
  6. I think,"This means that visitors who toss them in the water could theoretically receive a felony charge," is the best sentence because it is giving out a warning
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Name of the article: Volcanic ashes. Acid rain. And now massive boulders? All the calamities Hawaii is facing Name of the site/magazine: CNN Author: Jason Hanna What is the article about? (minimum of 3 facts) -A volcano called The Kilauea erupted in Honolulu, Hawaii on May 1st and is still continuing. -No one knows when the eruption will stop. -A lot of cars, houses and more have been covered in lava and its still spreading. -People have been evacuating. What lessons can we take away from the article? Be safe, and evacuate as soon as possible. What one sentence from the article is most important? Why? We could see even larger explosions and columns of ash over the coming weeks, the US Geological Survey says- it is important because it is showing that the volcano can get worse than it already is.
Raissa Santana
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Name of the article: Young Chinese are sick of long working hours

Site: bbc

Author: Denise Hruby

Facts: 1. The young Chinese are forced to stick to a strict schedule reffered to as 996: from 9 am to 9 pm 6 days a week. 2: These people are even expected to work on Sundays! 3. These young Chinese recieve about $560 a month, less than half the cost of a one bedroom apartment.

What lesson can we take away from this: Forcing people to do something will not always work in your favor. People will end up "revolting", or going on strike if you force them to work 72 hours a week, with very little pay.

What is the most important sentence: "...phenomenon that experts are starting to notice -- young professionals pushing back against employers who expect them to work around the clock.

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Nathaniel Jarrett
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Author: Scientests at


1. Scientests taught a spider to jump on command

2. The spider revealed hydrolic action

3. Scientests wonder how it evolves to be like that

We can learn from this about the spider's history and how it evolved.

The most important sentence is: Researchers at Manchester Universety in the UK hope to create new agile micro robots

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