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Same as last week!

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#PrincessAmanda :]
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Name of the article: Former U.S. First Lady And Literacy Champion, Barbara Bush, Dies At 92

Name of the site/magazine: Dogo News


Author: Diane Christiansen

What is the article about? (minimum of 3 facts) The article is about former first lady Barbara Bush ( George Bush's wife) She recently refused to take medication because she was ready to go. She believed everyone can read, she inspired many people.


What lessons can we take away from the article?George H.W. Bush, the youngest fighter pilot in the US Navy, returned a war hero from World War II.


What one sentence from the article is most important? Why? Barbara Bush was a fabulous First Lady and a woman unlike any other who brought levity, love, and literacy to millions. Because Barbara Bush is an amazing inspirational lady that lives on.


Amanda Champagne

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Alex Todd
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Name of article: police :Homeowner shoots suspected thief during fight Name of site: Author:AP What is the article about: A. The homeowner say the suspect looking a locker car B. The suspect threatened the homeowner then the homeowner fired serval rounds C. The police got a call from the suspect because he got shot What lessons can we take away from the article: That be prepared, something bad might happen What sentence from the article is most important? why? : "Homeowner saw the man dressed in black look in a locked car and then walked into his back yard" Because this shows that you need to pay attention to your surroundings
Alex Todd ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Name of the article: north and south korea Strike Historic Promise Of A Nuclear-Free Path To Peace

Name of the site/magazine: dogo news

Author: kim bussing

What is the article about? (minimum of 3 facts) north and south korea made a promise. they made a declaration of peace. it took 30 minutes for them to have a conference.

What lessons can we take away from the article? When you take time to listen to eachoher you can come up with solutions

What one sentence from the article is most important? Why? promising to formally end the Korean War this year and rid the peninsula of all nuclear weapons by 2021.because it tells you when it is going to happen

Jacquelyn Hartman


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Casey m
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Brazil surfer breaking wave record

Jack Jordapic

This story is about a Brazilian man breaking the biggest wave surfed world record. Rodrigo Koxa surfed an 80ft wave. Rodrigo was rewarded the Guinness World Record. Winning the award was the best thing in the world for him becuase he is the son of a famous surf boarder who surfed a 65ft wave.

That humans are always pushing limits.

That this person honored his family and is now a famous person.

Casey Matijevic8)



Casey aka best lacrosse player

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Dylan hunt
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Name of article : Corey seager will have Tommy John surgery

Name of site : CNN

Author : Scott Polacek

What is this article about : This article is about the Los Angeles Dodgers starting shortshtop sprained his UCL. Tommy John is a surgery that many baseball players get . This surgery helps make your arm stronger. This is giong to be a big losse for the Dodgers beacuse Cory Seager is a great baseball player.

What lessons can we take away from the article : One lesson we can take away is that things can change very quickly so be perpared.

What is one sentence that you think is important : One sentence that I think is important is " While Seager is a critacal part of the daily lineup, there are enough pieces to help keep Los Angeles afloat for the rest of the year in the National League West." I like this sentence beacuse it shows that baseball is a team game.

Dylan Hunt


dylan hunt

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Nikhil Knight
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Article: Fortnite: Battle Royale Becomes The Undisputed King Of Games!

Site: DogoNews

What article is about:

1)How Fortnite got the idea of having battle royal mode to get people to play.

2)What age groups can play the game (8-81)

3) what purchases are inside the game for Epic Games (the group that made Fortnite) to make money

Some lessons from the article: Some lessons are that it is appropriate for most ages and good for playing with friends

1 important sentence is :The million dollar question, of course, is will Fortnite’s popularity last or will it suffer the same fate as Pokémon Go" because that decides if fortnite is popular for a long time or only for a year.


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Andrew The Meme Lord
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1.Brazil fire: São Paulo building collapses in huge blaze


3.does not say

4.the article is about how a apartment building was burning then colasped it was at 1:20am when it crashed about 150 firemen were on the secene the fire was caused by a gas heater witch exploded

5.make sure you keep everything in check and cheek on your gas heater so it doent go BOOM

6."It felt like a tsunami when the building came down," a 58-year-old woman who lived on the fourth floor told Folha newspaper. "I could not take anything with me." is the most important becuse it shows how little time they had in was only 90 mintetes after it crashed



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Title: What Homer's Illiad can tell us about worship and war


Site:BBC date: April, 27, 2018


author: Caroline Alexander




"The Illiad was composed around 750-700 B.C., but it's origins lie at least some 5 centuries later, deep in the Mycenean Bronze Age- the world the Illiad poetically invokes."


"Yet despite such unbashed acts of divine magic, the epic works hard to be realistic. The Homeric similies, for example, envoke the familiar, verible, natural world."


"The description of battle tactics and wounds are similarly believeable (if not wholly anatomically accurate), as the careful description of the Troad, the region around Troy"

lessons we can take away: If we can find this much about the Illiad, what can we find ab out the Odyssey?

Important sentence: "The Illiad is keenly aware of it's role as the keeper of memory, and credibility is central to it's storytelling." This is important because the Illiad keeps the memories of war and worship alive.

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1.  Iran nuclear row: Tehran says Israel's Netanyahu lied

3 I couldn't find one?


  • Iran said it never sought to build a bomb when it signed a international deal in 2015
  • Minister Javad Zarif said that Mr Netanyahu was trying to influence Mr. Trump whether he would stick to the deal.
  • It seems they got caught red handed lying about a important part of the deal

5. lessons that we can take away from this article is even if people make a deal doesn't mean they will never stay true to it.

6.Iran said it had never sought to build a bomb when it signed an international deal to curb nuclear activity in 2015. they signed this but they lied.

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Brady Spitzer
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mrvital at April 30, 2018 at 6:51 PM

Same as last week!

  1. Amazon Prime members can get monthly box of kids’ books with new subscription
  3. Valentina Palladino
  4. The article is about Amazon Prime members getting free kids books, it is also about getting more books out there, and finally it is about customer appreciation
  5. That reading books is important
  6. "Amazon has a new offering tailored to parents who want more convenient, kid-friendly content for their family," I think this sentence is the most important because it gives kids books.
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Aneesh Guda
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mrvital at April 30, 2018 at 6:51 PM

Same as last week!

1. Why pristine lakes are filled with toxins


3. Melissa Hogenboom

4.The article is about the environment. It is about how some of the most beautifal places on earth are loosing their appearance because of things humans could be doing.

5.The lesson is that we should preserve what we have. It is that the lakes could never revert to how they were an we should care about them. 

6. The most important line is "Collecting this debris wasn’t the team’s main goal, says Montserrat Filella from the University of Geneva. Instead, they wanted to assess whether chemicals emitted from these plastics were harmful."This is important because it shows what the lake had. 


Aneesh Guda 8)

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Name of the article: Tick and Mosquito Infections Spreading Rapidly, C.D.C Finds


Name of the site/magazine: NYTimes


Author: Donald G. McNeal Jr.


What is the article about? (minimum of 3 facts) At least 9 diseases has been discovered from ticks and mosquitos since 2004. More Americans are living close to forests that have ticks and mosquitos carrying various diseases and live on the deer that are in the forests. Most of the diseases have no vaccines or antidotes, so an outbreak can only be stopped with something expensive such as mosquito control.


What lessons can we take away from the article? Protect yourself against diseases and ticks and mosquitos so you can stay safe. Vaccines also help, so take them.


What one sentence from the article is most important? Why? "Ticks spread Lyme disease, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, rabbit fever, Powassan virus and other ills, some of them only recently discovered" because it shows how much ticks can carry and to watch out for them.


Sonia M ~

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mrvital at April 30, 2018 at 6:51 PM

Same as last week!

Name of the article: Border patrol agents find an abandoned duffel bag -- with a tiger inside it

Name of the site/magazine: CNN

Author: Andrea Diaz,

What is the article about? This story is about how border patrol found a tiger.The tiger was uncosious and suffed in.The tiger is now in a hospital being checked.

What lessons can we take away from the article?That people are trying to smuggle things across borders.

What one sentence from the article is most important? Why? agents approached, they found an unconscious male tiger stuffed shows all the action.



May 1, 2018 at 6:50 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Name of the article: Border patrol agents find an abandoned duffel bag with a tiger inside it

Name of site/magazine: bbc

Author: Andrea Diaz

What is the article about? 1) On Monday, Three people attemted to illegally enter the United States. They abandoned a black duffel, inside of which lay a 4-month old male tiger cub. 2) The cub appeared to be sedated and now resides in the local zoo. 3) Apparently this is not the first time this has happened, earlier this year a US teen was sentenced to 6 months of jail for attempting to smuggle a six week old Bengal tiger club from Mexico.

What lesson can be learned for this: I'm not really sure what can be learned from this but I guess this is a lesson not to try and smuggle anything illegal or DO anything illegal for that matter.

What is the most important sentence of this article? The most important sentence is probably the first one because it tells you what the article is about.


Valentina Lara :D 

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Name of article: In Avicii's death, suicide emerges. Name of site: New York Times Author: Christine D'Zurilla What is the article about: They found out how the famous dj Avicii died. Avicii stopped doing tours in 2016 because of "health issues" Many people thought even his family thought that he dies because of health issues but e committed suicide. What lessons can you take away from this article: Don't stop following your dreams because you never know when those chances might end. What is one sentence from the article that is important? Why?:"He helped our culture make an impact on the mainstream that will never be forgotten" Because it shows that he was a good person and that he shouldn't have killed himself.
Raissa Santana
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